Wildflower Walk: September 2013

Recently I was on a seed collecting trip at Bannister Basin in Payette County, Idaho. From a distance, the area looks like a barren wasteland – especially this time of year. It is hot, dry, and brown. The rolling hills are mostly bare except for dried up weedy grasses and occasional shrubs, and there isn’t a single tree in sight. However, a short hike through the area reveals some interesting plants and bits of color scattered among the drab landscape. It was obviously not the best time or place for a wildflower walk, but the following pictures show a few of the flowers that I was able to find. These are tough species, flourishing in a harsh environment.

chrysothamnus viscidiflorus

Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus – green rabbitbrush

machaeranthera canescens

Machaeranthera canescens – hoary tansyaster


Eriogonum strictum – strict buckwheat


Eriogonum sp. – buckwheat


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