My name is Daniel, and I am a bona fide plant nerd. I grow plants, study plants, work with plants, and write about plants. This blog will document my plant obsession. It is for the equally plant obsessed, as well as for the plant interested and the plant curious. Along with being consumed with plants and the plant world, I am also immersed in awkwardness, bursting at the seams with geekiness. Hence, Awkward Botany. If you can relate, this blog’s for you. Even if you can’t, I hope that you will give it a look. Ideally, you will find something here that piques your interest and makes your visit worthwhile. If you like what you see, please tell your friends. This is a movement after all, and every visit helps.

Still wondering what I am about? This post should answer your questions: Why Awkward? Why Botany? Why Now?

New posts are published every Wednesday with occasional bonus posts in between. If you like writing about plants and want to publish a guest post on Awkward Botany, contact me by clicking on the link below or by sending me a message on Twitter.

farmer me_bw

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7 thoughts on “About

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  2. Dear Awkward Botany,

    I am soooo glad to have found you. I am a current 3rd year student at Hampshire college studying ecological anthropology with a focus on plant sciences/genetics. I can’t wait to scour your posts after finals!


  3. Today i met an awkward gardener in Santa Rosa, as i was walking past her home. She apologized for the profusion of plant varieties in her front yard, even as i told her how interesting to see them all together. The surprise in a bed of green upward-reaching plants with lots of ordinary leaves was to see a fine cactus rising up above them–a Luther Burbank spineless cactus. (I am not good at names, but this cactus i will remember.) She told me the Burbank cactus in her back yard was much larger.

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  5. You’re my hero of the day. Pleased to meet you. You’re doing something I’ve dreamed of. Maybe someday I will write something really cool and send it to you. But for now thanks for being there and creating a place to publish random botanical obsessive love letters. Because I have them and it’s good to know there’s a place for weirdos like us.

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