American Penstemon Society Field Trip

This past weekend, the American Penstemon Society held their annual meeting in Boise, Idaho. I was fortunate enough to attend their meeting and join them on one of their field trips. We visited Mores Mountain in the Boise National Forest, which is a short drive north of Boise. The hike was so much fun! There were tons of great plants to see, and the views from the top were incredible. My favorite sights were all the magical rock gardens that were scattered along the trail which were loaded with a diverse number of small plants eking out an existence on lichen splattered outcrops. If you ever find yourself in the Boise area, this is a spot that I am certain you don’t want to miss.

rock garden

Rock Garden on Mores Mountain, Boise National Forest

lewisia sacajaweana

Lewisia sacajaweana, Sacajawea bitter root

ceanothus velutinus

Ceanothus velutinus, snowbrush ceanothus

penstemon humilis

Penstemon humilis, low penstemon

penstemon fruticosus

Penstemon fruticosus, shrubby penstemon

calochortus macrocarpus

Calochortus macrocarpus, sagebrush mariposa lily

calochortus eurycarpus

Calochortus eurycarpus, white mariposa lily


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